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Vulnerability Is The Last Thing You Want

Sure they look good: the numbers, the executives. So why do you still wish you knew more about what they’re not telling you, before making a decision to invest in them? Do business with them? Rely on them?

Now you can…with Background Intelligence, Inc.  Here’s what our clients say about how we do the job:

“We spent many hours for several days trying to get help tracking down the perpetrators who robbed us of thousands of dollars but got nowhere with our local police; nowhere with our banks; nowhere with the Internet sites that made the crime possible; and nowhere with law enforcement in jurisdictions beyond our own disinterested one. We were even discouraged by attorneys from pursing an investigation for the purpose of filing a civil suit”.

“And then we found Background Intelligence and almost instantly they began opening doors on leads, a network of other victims, cracking the silence of the banks, motivating local detectives to share their findings with Background Intelligence investigators and each other. Only with this help were we able to see our case quickly move into the hands of federal and international investigators with the highest levels of experience and ready to go forward on the basis of work completed by Background Intelligence”.

“Their efforts were consistently geared to recovery of the funds, for which we now have hope because of their efficient, exhaustive and highly connected efforts on our behalf”.

“We will be using you to check out all of our future transactions. This experience has been shocking. We trust people. It never occurred to us that this person was a crook. He was so personable…really friendly and helpful”.

“You have to understand the background of some of these people and their interrelationships and interconnections, otherwise you can’t tell who is part of the scam and who is an innocent by-stander. You helped us target the culprits and the money”.

“As far as putting a price on what you did, you can name it. We were considering entering a deal with one of two potential candidates where tens of millions of dollars would be at risk. So to learn that one had a questionable past before signing a deal is priceless”.

“What great work you do”.

“I want to thank you for all your help and especially your tenacity. You have become a good friend even if it is just over the phone and through email communications. This has been challenging, frustrating, and fun all at the same time”.

When much is at stake, it’s critical to understand where you may be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is something that you don’t want and something we make it our business to prevent.