Cracked a Fraud Ring Targeting Wealthy Elderly Victims with Dementia

What do two doctors, a trusts and estates attorney, a bank, a financial planner, a money manager, and a realtor have in common? Scamming elderly rich people with dementia. In a fraud ring our team untangled, each of those trusted parties played a key role. The doctors were the lead generators, identifying optimal targets, which they passed along to the attorney, who made sure that these elderly victims were introduced to the others. During that time, these wealthy seniors were systematically isolated from family and friends while their estates were picked clean. We identified or confirmed each of the fraudsters and their individual roles in the scam. We also identified a number of victims and families who had been taken in by the group. Through the dedicated efforts of the law firm we were working with, our documentation was packaged and presented to the US Attorney’s office as a criminal referral. Authorities are now pursuing the case.

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