We track money and other holdings, and discover the people behind various schemes to hide them. Mapping the players and their relationship with hidden assets, we develop targeted recovery plans.


Our reports identify and analyze:

  • Real and personal property ownership
  • Lifestyles (affairs, drug habits, gambling)
  • Family and personal relationships
  • Business interests
  • Bankruptcies, liens and judgments
  • Collection obstacles

Case Files

Penetrated Web of Transactions Used to Hide Assets

We investigated the business and personal relationships, partners and associates of a highly sophisticated, court-savvy subject to determine where and how assets were being hidden from a court-appointed receiver. We compiled a matrix of complex financial transactions between the parties, creating timelines and documenting a variety of unusual property swaps. Our investigation documented that one of the subject’s attorneys established a bogus company to help her client hide money.

Traced Workings of Massive Money Laundering Scheme

Documented the assets and financial relationships of a gas station owner being investigated by a certified fraud examiner appointed by the courts. The examiner had bank records showing $5 million per month being funneled into this single gas station, but had no knowledge of any of the “players”. We were able to piece together a complex network of individuals and financial interrelationships tied to this single location.

Revealed, Tracked and Enabled Recovery of Actively Hidden Assets

On behalf of a court-appointed receiver, we fully identified the assets a defendant was working to hide as he funneled money from one bank account to another, and hid trucks, heavy equipment and other business assets. We mapped the ever-changing trail to the assets, which the receiver used to recover them.

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