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Asset Search & Recovery

Asset Search & Recovery


Revealed, tracked and enabled recovery of actively hidden assets:

On behalf of a court-appointed receiver, we fully identified the assets a defendant was working to hide as he funneled money from one bank account to another, and hid trucks, heavy equipment and other business assets. We mapped the ever-changing trail to the assets, which the receiver used to recover them.


Traced workings of massive money laundering scheme:

Documented the assets and financial relationships of a gas station owner being investigated by a certified fraud examiner appointed by the courts. The examiner had bank records showing $5 million per month being funneled into this single gas station, but had no knowledge of any of the “players”. We were able to piece together a complex network of individuals and financial interrelationships tied to this single location.


Penetrated web of transactions used to hide assets:

We investigated the business and personal relationships, partners and associates of a highly sophisticated, court-savvy subject to determine where and how assets were being hidden from a court-appointed receiver. We compiled a matrix of complex financial transactions between the parties, creating timelines and documenting a variety of unusual property swaps. Our investigation documented that one of the subject’s attorneys established a bogus company to help her client hide money.