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Fraud & White Collar Crime

Fraud & White Collar Crime Investigations


Tracked international car-fraud ring to help victims claim restitution:

Worked with victims and law enforcement from jurisdictions throughout the country to track down perpetrators of an international ring selling cars online that did not exist. After a 2-year effort, and through the cooperation of multiple countries, the Romanian-based ring members have been indicted and are standing trial in the U.S.

Learn more about this case and the FBI’s Cyber Most Wanted.


Mapped workings of nested Ponzi schemes:

The SEC was investigating a man who got 300 investors to put hundreds of millions of dollars into his Ponzi scheme. In our work on the case, we discovered separate Ponzi schemes perpetrated by his attorney and his accountant, who were among the accomplices in the original scam.


Discovered fraud in municipal program:

Our investigation of a city’s home improvement program found misappropriation of federal funds involving a consultant who oversaw the program, and possible collusion among city employees.


Confirmed estate fraud:

We investigated the long-trusted advisor of one of the earliest Hollywood entertainment families, who had enticed these luminaries to hand over their wealth to him. We discovered that this trustee had seduced multiple Hollywood families in similar plots that had made him rich at their expense.