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Litigation Support

Litigation Support


Unraveled the complex hidden holdings—and fraud—of a divorcing husband:

In a highly contentious divorce case, the wife feared that her husband was hiding assets. We discovered hotels, shopping centers, real estate developments and other significant holdings that she was unaware of. We also discovered that his two partners were serving jail time for mortgage fraud, and that most of the husband’s substantial assets had been purchased with funds from the same fraudulent sources.


Documented extensive criminal history of international scamster:

The man we investigated was a business partner and accomplice to one of the world’s most notorious, a man known as “goldfinger” and dubbed by the BBC as “The Wealthiest Criminal in the UK”. In an extremely complex case going back to the 1960s, we traced this man’s extraordinary criminal background in numerous countries, involving money laundering, gold smuggling, Ponzi schemes, theft and fraud. Our work supported a case against this individual, who had testified that he had “no criminal history”.


Discovered more about the dead-beat dad than he would have liked:

The father of an 18-month-old girl claimed that he couldn’t pay child support because he only earned $1,200 a month as an investment banker–a statement that was not credible. He also said he was repaying loans for M.D. and MBA degrees, as well as a master’s degree in public health. Working for the child’s mother, we were able to confirm that the student loan documentation and tax returns he had submitted to the court were bogus. More unsettling, we discovered that the child was visiting her father in the grandmother’s home, where Uncle Billy, a convicted sex offender, was living.