Announcement: Olivia Robinson Joins Receivers Board

I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed to the Board of Directors of the California Receivers Forum, Los Angeles-Orange County.

This is a tremendous honor.

I have worked closely with receivers, who are appointed by the court to protect and secure assets of a business or partnership, creditor, or person being sued. The parties I’ve encountered in this work have included Bernie Madoff look-alikes and others who’ve perpetrated complicated financial fraud schemes.

My job in these cases is to trace the money and the people, so receivers can map a path forward. I find out how much money is in the estate, or where it has been hidden. And then I help to define “the bad guys” (is it one person acting alone, or is there a whole gang).

Over the years, I’ve unraveled some horrific situations, including those where it was difficult to differentiate the victim from the perpetrator.

Receivership cases have been some of the most high-stakes, fast-paced, and intriguing cases of my career, and the receivers I’ve worked with have been tough as nails, fair minded, and dedicated to the law.

I’m thrilled to have been asked to join as a director of the organization that unites receivers throughout the state. I’m looking forward to offering my expertise and enthusiastic support to the board.

Olivia Robinson