court appointed receiverships

We’ve worked with court-appointed receivers over the years on highly complex and sophisticated cases.

Our best work is done at the outset, when the court first appoints the receiver. We quickly: (1) determine the interrelationships of the various parties and (2) find the assets.

Because our work is so foundational, most of our investigations are conducted before any subpoenas are issued or other professionals are brought in.

We quickly identify:

  • Hidden assets
  • Competing and conflicting business interests
  • Fraud
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Lifestyles (affairs, drug habits, gambling)
  • Collection obstacles
Case Files

Penetrated Web
of Transactions
Used to Hide Assets

We investigated the business and personal relationships, partners and associates of a highly sophisticated, court-savvy subject to determine where and how assets were being hidden from a court-appointed receiver. We compiled a matrix of complex financial transactions between the parties, creating timelines and documenting a variety of unusual property swaps. Our investigation documented that one of the subject’s attorneys established a bogus company to help her client hide money.

Revealed, Tracked and
Enabled Recovery of
Actively Hidden Assets
On behalf of a court-appointed receiver, we fully identified the assets a defendant was working to hide as he funneled money from one bank account to another, and hid trucks, heavy equipment and other business assets. We mapped the ever-changing trail to the assets, which the receiver used to recover in full.

Mapped Workings of
Nested Ponzi Schemes
The SEC was investigating a man who got 300 investors to put hundreds of millions of dollars into his Ponzi scheme. In our work on the case, we discovered separate Ponzi schemes perpetrated by our client’s attorney and his accountant, who were among the accomplices in the original scam.