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Background Intelligence Inc. has been featured in many publications and media outlets. President Olivia Robinson and other members of the investigative team have also given presentations to a variety of professional organizations.

These include:

Background Investigations: When Peace of Mind Rests on Getting Below the Surface

By Olivia G. Robinson

Clients often ask us if we do “background checks.”

The short answer is no. We do background investigations.

The Realities of Pursuing Fraud and Elder Financial Abuse

PI’S DECLASSIFIED!, hosted by Francie Koehler

Co-Presented with Kerri Kasem, founder of Kasem Cares

  Thursday October 24th (9:00-10:00 a.m. Pacific time)
  VoiceAmerica Variety Channel


The Realities of Pursuing Fraud and Elder Financial Abuse

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – Inland Empire Chapter
March 2019 Dinner Meeting. Click here

Two cases were highlighted to illustrate how elders are preyed upon and isolated, and their families and loved ones are left in the limbo between the law and reality. Relatives and loved ones often believe that the courts will protect them and punish wrongdoing after a vulnerable elder has been victimized by someone who took control of their life and drained an estate. The reality is far more complicated.

Some Audience Response:

  • Compelling and horrific. Great work!
  • I found the presentation “brutally honest”
  • Your cases captivated me
  • You captured the complete attention of all immediately and throughout. It was great
  • It’s shocking what “family” members do to their relatives once they smell blood (money)
  • Thanks again for your presentation to all of us in the IE ACFE chapter this last Tuesday, it was fantastic!

Fraud Recovery Checklist

A four-step crisis response strategy for every company, organization and individual. Know exactly what to do when fraud hits you.

Strategic Remedies for Corporations

Three immediate steps to take if you suspect internal or external fraud in your business. Plus strategies for recovery.

Searching for Hidden Assets

The most powerful tools are proprietary to pros, but many resources are available to all. Here’s how to use them.

Who is in Charge of your Money?

The condo looks great, the financing is right. But before you buy, ask: Can you trust the condo board? Know the warning signs.

Why Medical Professionals Should Care About Fraud

How to insulate your practice from scams involving phony equipment, fraudulent billing, fake investments and more.

The Pitfalls of Taking Back Paper on the Sale of Your Business

How to get the facts you need, and plan next steps, when you suspect you’ve put your business in unreliable hands.

Ponzis vs Pensions

Author: Olivia G. Robinson (Q1, 2009)