fraud & white collar crime investigations

We’ve untangled hundreds of complex fraud schemes and other white collar crime cases for businesses, medical groups, cities and individuals. Our work has been used to unveil scams, break crime rings and supply evidence to help recoup clients’ losses.

We handle:

  • Corporate Fraud
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Insider Trading
  • Industrywide fraud scams
  • Global cybercrime
  • Complex financial fraud
  • Wrongful death
  • Smuggling
  • Municipal Fraud
  • Hedge Fund Scams
  • Investor Fraud
  • Estate issues
Case Files

Tracked International
Car-Fraud Ring to Help
Victims Claim Restitution

We worked with attorneys in a fast-paced effort to find and secure assets of a known fraudster, while documenting his ties to a Russian trust.

We worked with victims and law enforcement from jurisdictions throughout the country to track down perpetrators of an international ring selling cars online that did not exist. After a 2-year effort, and through the cooperation of multiple countries, the Romanian-based ring members have been indicted and are standing trial in the U.S. Learn more about this case and the FBI’s Cyber Most Wanted.

Discovered Fraud
in Municipal Program

Our investigation of a city’s home improvement program found misappropriation of federal funds involving a consultant who oversaw the program, and possible collusion among city employees.

A Developer’s Nightmare:
Is the Bank Legit or Not?

After more than a decade of planning, permits and red tape, a developer’s resort was fully approved. Then the market tanked, and investors pulled out.

Desperate to replace hundreds of millions of dollars, the developers scrounged for funding and asked us to vet the lenders. Most interested “banks” were fraudulent. In fact, some had cut/pasted letterhead, provided fictitious addresses and presented bogus executives.

Unfortunately, we can’t control the market, but we specialize in helping to prevent the nightmare of getting stuck in a fraudulent deal.