countering ‘fake news’ & media manipulation

We help businesses and individuals protect their reputations, combat misinformation and defuse smear campaigns in the media. We find out who’s behind fake news, why it’s being spread, and what can counter it. We also support journalists in their investigations.

Our services include:

  • Finding, verifying and documenting facts
  • Investigating corporate and individual reputations
  • Tracing parties and motives behind rumors and disinformation
  • Mapping relationships among the parties
  • Conducting “blind” interviews
  • Locating sources, records and documents and interviewing witnesses
Case Files

Secured Reluctant Witnesses
in a Case that was
Headline News

A media spotlight on your case can send crucial witnesses running, diminishing your chances of success. In a recent high-visibility case, we identified and tracked down reluctant witnesses and people of interest, and got them to cooperate. People did not want to get involved or be identified in connection with the sordid events at the center of the case, but we were able to overcome their very real concerns about their reputations, safety, and potential retaliation.

Got to the Hidden Truths
Behind a
Media-‘Verified’ Bio

In vetting a company’s prospective new board member, we dug into the only “facts” that we could find, details this media-savvy executive had fed to the press for decades. For 25 years, journalists had apparently trusted this executive’s story without ever questioning it. Our research turned up potentially damaging mob ties.

Don’t trust “self-reported” information—accounts of a person’s background whose only source is the person him/herself. Whether you’re screening a prospective board member, pricy consultant, or high-visibility new hire, it’s critical to get the facts from objective, verifiable sources—the kind streamlined “background check” services and the press often miss. The simple solution: invest in intelligence.

Unearthed and Defanged
a Corporate
Smear Campaign

When unwarranted accusations about a highly visible global corporation began to show up in widespread media outlets, our client asked us to track their origin. These damaging reports appeared in diverse locations, often credited to unnamed sources.

We were hired to identify financial backers of this negative publicity, determine their objectives and timing; and develop strategies for countering and reporting on the smear campaign.

We discovered a loosely defined and financed network of individuals hostile to this corporation and its ideals. We also discovered a deep-seated personal animosity directed to certain corporate executives. Our client issued a series of breaking news reports based on our behind-the-scenes discoveries.